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Effective Mosquito & Fly Reduction Solutions

Did you know that the visible population of flies and mosquitoes is only about 10 to 20% of the total infestation? The other remaining cluster hides and breeds on the spots that are undetected. Our primary goal is to combat these breeding sites.

Here’s Our 6-Step Process for a 360° control of mosquitoes and flies


We begin with a thorough analysis and inspection of the site. The goal behind surveillance is to look for the breeding zones that are the main source of the problem.

Source Reduction

Source Reduction aims at eliminating the breeding sources of flies and mosquitoes. Stagnant water plays a major role in providing favourable breeding grounds for flies and mosquitoes. Our pest control program for flies and mosquitoes works towards eliminating water clogging and decomposition of organic matter. A non-chemical approach is followed where we recommend changes in structural and behavioural aspects to ensure a reduction in breeding sources.

Larvicide Application

We use biological and chemical pesticides that are approved by the Central Insecticide Board (CIB), Registration Committee (RC) and WHO Pesticide Evaluation Scheme (WHOPES) that kill larvae to ensure that flies and mosquitoes don’t make it to adulthood.

Adult Control

We have customised solutions for various types of fly and mosquitoes treatment. Adult housefly and mosquito control are carried out in line with WHO Pesticide Evaluation Scheme guidelines, emphasizing indoor residual spray (IRS).
When the adult mosquito population is high, we begin with a process called ‘cold fogging’. It aims at wiping off the swarms of mosquitoes. Being an environment-friendly company, we avoid traditional thermal fogging and promote the use of cold fogging against mosquitoes and flies. This helps us in reducing our environmental footprint.

Habitat Modification

Habitat Modifications are some basic and low effort changes in your lifestyle. These small efforts bring profound results in a matter of minutes.

Some of the changes include the closing of doors, windows, and shutters in the evening. On-site modifications are also recommended where you can prohibit the movement of flies and mosquitoes in your premises utilizing products, such as nets, mesh and curtains.


This is the last step of the entire process. Here, we execute periodic audits and recommendations based on the present state of the premises. If the situation persists, we recommend follow-up strategies to ensure the effective management of flies and mosquitoes.

Industry-Ready Professional Solutions

TerminixSIS caters to the needs of different industries battling pest invasion with our end-to-end solutions. We understand our customer requirements, perform a site audit and offer customised solutions. Our innovative solutions executed by our team of trained professionals ensure pest-free premises.