Toxin-Free Pest Control Solutions for Healthcare Premises

A single rodent sighting in a healthcare facility could pose severe health threats, spreading bacteria, contaminating surfaces, medical supplies and equipment. Similarly, outsiders visiting the premise could be a carrier of cockroaches and bed bugs, among others. Such problems could cause a serious threat to the image of the clinic or hospital, health risks, and in worst cases, cancellation of the license due to non-compliance of audits.

Healthcare facilities need something more trustable than just a general pest control solution. Our highly targeted solutions aim to understand access points, the kind of infestations most likely to develop and their prevention techniques.

At TerminixSIS India, our focus is on improving the world by making it cleaner, safer and healthier. Our goal is to provide unparalleled support to our customers to help them increase efficiency, improve outcomes and reduce the risk of hospital-acquired infections.

Even a compliant healthcare facility isn’t “completely” pest-proof.

Our Solutions

Our solutions consist of non-toxic and sensor-based devices that hinder the entry of pests into your healthcare facility. We also design customised solutions to exterminate them if they are already present at your facility.