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Termites are social insects that form large and complex colonies. Termites feed primarily on plant matter, usually in the form of wood, soil or decomposing leaves. In natural settings, termites are incredibly important for the process of recycling wood and plant matter.

However, in developed areas, termites can be a frustrating and costly pest. Termites are known for their ability to cause major structural damage, especially in wooden structures. Termite can cause a lot of expensive damage to a house! They can destroy building foundations, wooden support beams, plastic plumbing pipes, sub-flooring, insulation even swimming pool liners and filtration systems! Termites can also injure or destroy living trees and shrubs.

Termites need contact with the soil to survive. They live in underground colonies or in wet areas above ground.

Are Termites invading your home?

Termites do leave a variety of signs of their presence. One of the best signs of a termite problem is the presence of mud tubes. A tube connects nests to feeding sites, and will be constructed of dirt and about the width of a pencil. If you find these tunnels, it is likely you have an infestation.

Wood damage can be an indication of a termite infestation. If you find or break open a piece of wood and find it honeycombed or carved out, the damage was likely caused by termites. Even if you only find signs of termite wood damage in nearby trees or wood piles, they may have infested any dwellings close by, including your home.

Termites can fly and tend to swarm, particularly prior to rainstorms. If you see a termite swarm, experts recommend contacting a professional extermination service immediately. After swarms, piles of wings and faeces may be left on the ground. Any evidence of live termites should be treated as a potential infestation and dealt with at once.

Damage caused:

Termites are capable of burrowing in wood without leaving a visible sign of their destruction for years, meaning they can do serious damage to your home before you even notice! Telltale signs of a termite infestation include frass (termite faeces), hollow sounding wood, discarded wings around the home, and mud packed galleries in your wood.

Termin-X Termite Control Plan:

Termin-X Smart — Spot Treatment

Termin-X Flat — One Year warranty treatment

Termin-X Bungalow — Five Year warranty treatment

Termin-X Society — Five Year warranty treatment

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