Pest Control Services for Lodging and Hospitality



As you create unique experiences for your guests, several moving pieces need to be coordinated behind the scenes. Terminix SIS India helps ensure your reputation for cleanliness and comfort is maintained. We are always there to help in areas critical to your operations success keeping everything clean and safe, delighting guests, performing well, and conserving resources. TERMINIX SIS India offers quality pest control services in Hospitality industries such as Hotels, Lodges for pest treatment for roaches, Rodents and Bed Bugs in India.

Who is bugging your guests?


Roaches are unsightly pests that have the potential to spread diseases. They will mostly thrive in environments where there are food leftovers. When roaches lack food, they turn to fabric and other valuable items which can bring a lot of losses.


Rodents have the habit of gnawing things. This they do even to pipes casings that are used to transmit electricity and gas. This in turn has the potential to start fires. They also transmit diseases through their droppings and fleas that bite them. This can cause plague or typhus fever.

Bed Bugs:

Bed bugs are a real nuisance because they feed exclusively on human blood. They deliver painful bites that cause rashes that irritate for days. Also, when these bugs are seen in your place of business like lodging or restaurant, they bring down your reputation.

Bed bugs once established become very difficult to eliminate. They hide in crevices and bed joints that are not easy to access. That is why they must be exterminated as soon as they are noticed by experts.

How it works

Pests are kept out.

The techniques used include monitoring to keep the pest’s population low. Early detection also helps in total removal before their populations reach uncontrollable proportions. All these are done without causing any inconvenience to the guests.

You can call us on 1800 102 4949 to find out more about our Innovative Pest Management programmes. You can also have one of our specialist account manager visit your premises for a free inspection to give you further advice.

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