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Food Processing

Food Processing

Terminix SIS provides unparalleled expertise and a comprehensive set of solutions that help increase food safety and product quality, enhance sustainability and boost operational efficiency for global Food & Beverage Processors and Manufacturers, Dairy Farmers.

Is someone else tasting your food?


Rodents in food processing areas spread diseases through the dirt that they carry on their bodies. Their urine especially helps in spreading lymphocytic choriomeningitis which is a fatal disease. They also make the environment filthy by building nests and scattering their faeces all over which are smelly.


Roaches carry on them disease causing bacteria that have the potential to make people ill. Their presence is unwelcome as they indicate unsanitary conditions. Some people can also get allergy through cockroach shed exoskeletons and droppings.


Flies are unwelcome and spread diseases through germs they carry on their bodies. Flies carry on them filth from outside and land on food. This process has the potential of carrying disease causing germs.  They also lay their eggs on such food which makes it more infectious.

Flies mode of feeding also aids in spreading disease. This is because when they are eating they turn it into liquid and then lick it up. This way they contaminate the food and spread diseases like dysentery, diarrhoea and food poisoning.

How it works

Pests are kept out.

It is important that your food processing business remains clean and healthy so as to prevent the spread of diseases. Thats why we work closely with your business to ensure that they are custom made to suit your programs.

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