Pest Control Services for Educational Facilities



Educational facilities are expected to be bright, clean, hygienic and safe. This can be challenging with hundreds of students and staff circulating through hallways, cafeterias, gyms and restrooms. Terminix SIS India helps to control your sanitation concerns while making sure you are getting the cost-effective value you need. Terminix SIS provides quality pest control management for educator sector in India- Schools, Colleges buildings, common areas etc. to provide safe environment for students.environment for students.


Rodents at times can find their way to any property such as in residential places. In such buildings they destroy property through gnawing away of electric wires. They also make their nests on the buildings thereby making them untidy and unsightly. They also spread disease through their urine and droppings.


Termites wherever they occur damage more or less anything they come across. They eat up wooden structures and bring them down fast. They also destroy building foundations through their network of underground tunnels.


Roaches are unsightly pests that have the potential to spread diseases. They will mostly thrive in environments where there are food leftovers. When roaches lack food, they turn to fabric and other valuable items which can bring a lot of losses.

How it works

Pests are kept out.

The best way to keep pests under control is to keep them out in the first place. Terminix SIS India has developed special tools and techniques for effective and proactive pest control.

Terminix SIS India can help you find the right pest control solution for a pest free and safe operation, satisfied employees and better business results.

You can call us on 1800 102 4949 to find out more about our Innovative Pest Management programmes. You can also have one of our specialist account manager visit your premises for a free inspection to give you further advice.

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