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Terminix SIS India gives you the confidence that every aspect of your restaurant’s operation is protected, from front door to back door. We are the partner you can trust to assist with a clean and safe operation, satisfied guests and better business results — all provided in the most sustainable way

Who is bugging your reputation?

Rodents :

Rats and mice can cause a lot of damage to a building that they live on. With their sharp incisors they eat away wire insulations which can then cause electric fires. These rodents also spread disease through their urines and faeces. In the restaurants they damage and eat on cooked food as well as scare customers and clients away.

In setups like stores and supermarkets, they damage stored food and grocery as well as spread disease.

Roaches :  

Roaches in the restaurant are very unsightly. Their presence can scare away visitors thereby revenue losses. They also spread diseases through direct contamination and their droppings which cause allergic reactions.

Flies :

Flies are common pests that are found almost anywhere. However, they carry on them millions of bacteria that can spread disease even though these may not be visible to the naked eye. They spread diseases like dysentery, diarrhoea and typhoid.
Some of the flies’ habits which are responsible for transmitting disease include visiting filthy sites like rubbish pits and bins and then patching on food that is meant for consumption. Through this process, they transfer filth and disease causing bacteria from outside. Their mode of feeding is also responsible for transmitting infections. They normally add saliva to their food before eating it back. Through this process they also transmit germs.

How it works

Pests are kept out.

All pests if not properly checked can do a lot of damage to a restaurant, whether physically or image. As a result, we employ both preventive and monitoring techniques to deter population growth and total removal.

So before Innovative Pest management™ embarks on dealing with your pest problems, ensure you get a free inspection from a specialist account manager who will give you good advice. You can call us on 1800 102 4949 for more information.

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