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Rodents have lived with humans for centuries and have been responsible for spreading many diseases including the bubonic plague which killed millions of people.

Habitat :

Mice mostly nest inside walls, cupboards, stored boxes or in other warm areas like behind refrigerators or ovens in kitchens. Mice donít travel very far  and usually stay within a few meters of their nests.

Rats generally nest outdoors in burrows dug underneath houses, sheds & buildings or in piles of rubbish, timber, compost heaps. Some rats however like the warmth and security of the cavities in walls and in the insulation found in lofts.

During the day rats usually stay in their nest, coming out at night to search for food. They donít stray far from their nests, usually staying within 40 meters.

Damage caused :

Rodents eat and contaminate food, damage structures and property and transmit parasites and diseases to other animals and humans.

How to identify infestation :

Their presence is often discovered through their droppings although signs of gnawing, scratching or tracks may also indicate activity.

Rat-X Rodent control plan :

Annual contract for housing complexes
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