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Residential Solutions

Restaurant Services
Terminix SIS India gives you the confidence that every aspect of your restaurant’s operation is protected, from front door to back door. We are the partner you can trust to assist with a clean and safe operation, satisfied guests and better business results — all provided in the most sustainable way

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Lodging and Hospitality
As you create unique experiences for your guests, several moving pieces need to be coordinated behind the scenes. Terminix SIS India helps ensure your reputation for cleanliness and comfort is maintained. We’re always there to help in areas critical to your operation’s success — keeping everything clean and safe, delighting guests, performing well, and conserving resources.

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Healthcare Facilities
In Healthcare, Terminix SIS India offers specialized solutions for all our customers from Acute Care to Emergency Medical Services. At Terminix SIS India, our focus is on improving the world by making it cleaner, safer and healthier.

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Property Management
From a mega-mall to a corporate office building, Terminix SIS India helps you get the results you need. Our solutions give you the confidence that your operation is protected, from front door to back dock. We work with you to improve cleaning efficiency, raise standards and minimize risk — all in the most sustainable way.
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Manufacture & Warehouse
Commercial storage warehouses and manufacturing units present distinctive challenges for pest control programs. There are many types of insects and animals that can infest your premise. Terminix SIS India knows how important it is to our clients that their manufacturing units and warehouses are effectively treated. Food and perishables pose additional complexities.

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Food Processing
Terminix SIS provides unparalleled expertise and a comprehensive set of solutions that help increase food safety and product quality, enhance sustainability and boost operational efficiency for global Food & Beverage Processors and Manufacturers, Dairy Farmers.

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Educational Facilities
Educational facilities are expected to be bright, clean, hygienic and safe. This can be challenging with hundreds of students and staff circulating through hallways, cafeterias, gyms and restrooms. Terminix SIS India helps to control your sanitation concerns — while making sure you’re getting the cost-effective value you need.

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