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Residential Solutions

American Cockroach

Periplaneta Americana
  • Characteristics
  • Habitat
  • Tips for Control
  • Pest Impact
It is the largest of all the home invading roaches. Grows to 11/2 inches or more when conditions are right. 
It is characteristically reddish brown in color with yellow or pale brown bands across its head.

The sexes can be separated by looking at the wing extensions. The males’ wings extend beyond the abdomen while the female is level with abdomen. 

They carry their eggs in capsules which hold about 15 to 20 eggs. The female produces between 20 and 90 capsules in a lifetime. It produces a capsule weekly.

Adults can live for more than a year up to 20 months.
Size : 2 inches
Shape : Oval
Color : Reddish brown, with a yellowish figure eight pattern on the back of their head Legs: 6
Wings : Yes
Antenna : Yes
Common Name : American Cockroach
Kingdom : Animalia
Phylum : Arthropoda
Class : Insecta
Order : Dictyoptera
Family : Blattidae
Species : Periplaneta americana


They feed primarily on organic food compounds like food left over. They also target non food items like books, clothes and home décor.
They are mainly solitary and prefer warm moist areas like basements, sewers, drainages and dark corners.

It also lives and breeds outdoors in damp and moist places.
Keep the home clean, removing all food left over and throwing them in tightly covered dump bins. 

Use pest management professionals especially to contain large numbers of these roaches.
They eat up stored items such as clothes and books which can lead to property destruction and financial losses.

They also bring in contaminants and allergens from their hideouts such as drainages and other dirty habitat.

They are and eyesore and indicate unsanitary conditions. They can also scare some people.
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