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Castle Mpambanaji II is a continuation of the game strategy of the year 2002. Mpambanaji firewall adds feature techniques involved in mechanics that is similar to that of Age of Empires, which the person needs to develop a personal firewall. Put yourself on the frontline, to regulate the economy and end your opponents and plan your catapult!

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The Castle of Mpambanaji II returns based on its predecessor, offering the best combination of strategy and tactics that captivate visitors. In the game-play different modes (campaign, discussions, wide range of player), you perform the missions that are given to you, or to protect your king, try at all times to defeat your enemies. Different player mode has all things a bit to entertain you, especially through effective online collaboration mode, which allows a friend to adhere to the same army control.
The military nature of the castle very well Mpambanaji made: offers to fight abroad, thanks to the many available units, which provides an extensive traditional system of strategy games on site (where photographers deal with Pikemen, who confronted the Pilots simultaneously). The technique is so exciting due to the possibility of construction available. You have much freedom to build and expand your country, and aesthetically inclined to lose yourself in the details all in the castle in honor of the king.

Interface that can be improved in many ways
The second phase of the Mpambanaji Fortress is distinguished by its gameplay and content, but unfortunately the interface is not. From the beginning, it is to let your poor players are dazzled and a little dirty menu comparison and skillfully rendered the graphics of the title. What’s bad about the menu is that the game management interface with the mouse seems to be done and jump quickly without being involved in the work process based on the strategy of the Games today.
It ordered that they can offer for their units are limited and do not include text bubbles informing how to use the options that are available. It is not possible to give commands in the correct order, and it is not easy to choose a squadron. This is bad for the game debuted at 2014, four years after StarCraft II set strategy standards of the modernization game must live up to the honor of the interface.
In its technical aspects, the second phase of Mpambanaji makes the note. Although the graphics are a little less interesting, the game enjoys the eyes because of the care taken in relation to detail. Units and animation really done, and the screen is full of little things giving meaning of life and yafuatiliwe all the game. Resources to appear and disappear in real time and save, and the fight is interesting to watch. The only thing missing are the drawings for building buildings, the information that does not differ from the joy that comes with the game of the castle Mpambanaji II.

In the real-time medieval strategy
If you like the original Castle games, making a mistake: you jump to the new event without worrying. Content and gameplay is hands down better, and enjoy the player’s best, like the long campaign. This does not mean that the game nibila its flaws, especially the interface stack, which offers even the quarterly game strategyUnexpected Instant Classic. Waarheiddat deplorable may deter some, but this is not as serious as ruining the happiness that comes with building your own castle during the launch of the regular attacks on the enemy has been strengthened.

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